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Mobile Web

68% of the world's population

use their mobile phones and tablets to access the Internet

mobile-friendly Websites

  • 01. Mobile-friendly websites
  • 02. Our responsive websites automatically adapt to all screen sizes for a better user experience and visibility.

improved user experience

Chez Tanit Web, we adapt traditional sites in mobile format to optimize the user experience:

A responsive design

A single CMS that will manage both the classic site and the mobile-friend site

Development of features dedicated to the mobile web

AMP for instant loading from GOOGLE search

We convert your mobile websites to AMP for faster 4X loading and 10X lighter pages than standard web pages.

The (Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format AMP lets you design pages that load faster on mobile devices. This format has many advantages for media sites

  • Improved user experience
  • Content optimized for mobile search
  • Content featured in Google's results
  • Represents a key factor of a good SEO

Optimized pages to access from FACEBOOK

Do you share your articles with your readers on Facebook?
We create pages adapted to Facebook Instant Article format.

10 x

faster of your articles on Facebook

20 %

additional clicks on your articles

70 %

A reduction in the dropout rate

30 %

more shares

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